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PS42 series
PS42 series
Card Edge Connector for burn-in


●Card Edge Connector for burn-in
●Excellent contact structure which achieves high durability and reliability.
●Eyelet terminal options are available for wiring distribution.




Insulation Resistance 1,000MΩmin. at 500V DC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1,000V AC for 1 minute
Contact Resistance (initial) 10mΩmax. at 10mA max.
Operating Temperature Range -40℃ to +170℃
Housing PEI, glass-filled
Contacts, Plating BeCu, Gold over Nickel
Terminals Solder plating over Nickel





Socket Line Up

Units : mm
Part Number Pin Count A B C D E F
PS42-44*-2016 40 71.50 64.50 57.30 48.26 52.90 54.40
PS42-44*-6016 120 173.10 166.10 158.90 149.86 154.50 156.00

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